8 sentences that will maximize your social intelligence

8 sentences that will maximize your social intelligence


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1. "To solve an issue quickly, be soft on the person and hard on the problem"

When faced with challenges or conflicts, adopt a mindset of empathy and understanding.
You waste energy by going hard at the person when the real goal is to solve the issue.

2."Pretend everyone was sent to teach you something"

View every interaction as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.
Treat each person you meet as a potential teacher recognizing that everyone has valuable insights and perspectives to offer.
Keep an open mind even when you disagree.

Stay curious

3. "Pause in speaking + eye contact = Confidence"

Build up the habit of pausing before speaking, allowing yourself time to formulate your thoughts and deliver better articulation.
Maintaining eye contact helps to convey confidence and sincerity.

4."Learn how to make people feel important"

Make people feel seen by offering genuine attention and presence.
Ensure they feel heard by actively listening and asking follow-up questions.
Make an effort to remember details about their lives, interests, and experiences.

5."A person's favorite sound is their name, so remember it"

Remembering and using someone's name signals respect, recognition and validation which creates a sense of mutual respect and appreciation.

6."Positive intention before giving feedback"

Before delivering constructive feedback, it's important to make sure the other person feels like you care about them and their long-term success. It helps to show positive intention.

7."Praise publicly, Criticize privately"

Public recognition creates a culture of appreciation and recognition. However offering constructive feedback in a private, respectful way creates a safe space for open dialogue and growth without the fear of judgment or humiliation.

8. "Unspoken expectations are premediated resentments"

Strive to articulate your expectations clearly and respectfully otherwise expect misunderstandings, resentment and discord in relationships.

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